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Part Exchange

Whether you want to part exchange your current vehicle for a new one, or if you are just looking to sell it on, we are committed to providing you with the most accurate value.  Our retail valuations are provided by the largest auction company in the UK so are accurate to the day, demand in the marketplace and any seasonal changes.

  • Your valuation is guaranteed for up to 7 days providing all the details you provided are accurate
  • No obligation to sell the vehicle to us – hassle free!
  • No obligation to buy from us – we are happy to just buy yours!
  • We can settle the outstanding finance if you still have payments left!
  • Our values are accurate to the day, market demand and seasonality

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Vehicle Details

If you’re thinking of selling your vehicle or even part exchanging it for something else, it’s important you have a good idea of what your vehicle is worth. With our easy to use car valuation tool, using real time, accurate MANHEIM data for our valuations, you’ll be well equipped with the information you need to help you make some informed decisions.

Alternatively, if for whatever reason you’re unable to obtain a valuation on your vehicle, or if it’s a commercial vehicle you want to value, simply book an appointment to have your vehicle appraised by one of the team at Car Store Vans dealership.